Hey all ! I'm Ashish Sood and have been in touch with the Stock Market since 1992.

I'm neither a CA nor an expert financial consultant.


My biggest qualification is

'the number of years I have spent in the market',

In short my experience. 


My experience with the market has been topsy turvy. 


I started investing when Harshad Mehta was active,


My first IPO allotment was a steel company which disappeared.


I saw the Y2K euphoria and the dot com bust,


I used to attend most AGMs I could 

I was invested in the 2008 crash,


I sold off my holdings many times in panic and started reinvesting again.


I did not make much money in the market for many years because I took many wrong decisions.


And that is why I have started this Blog. 

Basically, I'm a common small investor like most of us. and I have made many mistakes! But I have learnt many lessons !


Hence I have started this blog to share some experiences with all of you.